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Weapon Acc 器械配件
Carrier 器械套 / Bag 器械袋

Costume 表演服
T-Shirt T恤
Training Pant 训练裤
Belt 腰带

Training Equipment 训练用品
Gift 精品
Kite 风筝


Yi Fong, a sports equipment supplier, registered and base in Singapore, specializes in Chinese Martial Arts products and training equipment.

Our objective is to provide a one-stop services to our clients, reducing the hassle of sourcing high quality martial arts weapons, footwears, accessories, apparels and training gears.

Providing a wide range of martial arts products and training equipment, all prices are affordable and value for money.

Learning martial arts is always easy.
Purchase your weapon, footwear and apparel at Yi Fong Sports today!

壹豐是一间注册以及驻在新加坡的运动器材供应商、专门提供中华武术器械及 用品和训练器材。

拥有一站式的服务设施、绝对能减少顾客在寻找优质的器械用品、鞋子、 配件和服饰时所遇到的麻烦事。


Where to find comfy yet affordable wushu/ tai chi training shoes?

We have leather and canvas shoes, suitable for trainings, performances & championships.

Available for kids and adults!



Want your ideal wushu costume?
Custom-making is the solution!

We provide costumes for:
> Chang Quan 长拳
> Nan Quan 南拳
> Tai Chi Quan 太极拳 and more ...
A wide colour variety to choose;

Ready-made ones available, too!


26 Oct 2016- New stocks of Straightsword, Southern Boardsword, Boardsword has arrived. 单剑、南刀、单刀新货已到

25 Oct 2016- New stocks of Yun shoe has arrived. 云鞋新货已到

23 sept 2016- We accept NETS payment now. NETS付款方式已被接受

16 Aug 2016- New stocks of Yun shoe has arrived. 云鞋新货已到

8 Aug 2016- New stocks of Straightsword, Southern Boardsword and Tai Chi Straightsword has arrived. 单剑、南刀、太极剑新货已到

1 Jun 2016- Yifong has change location to 115 Eunos Avenue 3, old branch at Katong has been closed, click Here for detail

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